Friday, 12 September 2014

The Dirtbag Diaries

This is my first blog post in a very long time.

Those who know me well will know exactly why this is, and will understand why I have taken certain stories off this blog. To everyone else - it's a long and complicated story I would rather not go into....

Anyway, it appears it is time to move on, and I am going to do this with a new type of story. Over the last year (yes I know it's obscenely long for a short piece!) I have been working on this short story called 'Go For It!'

It is for a site called The Dirtbag Diaries, a very cool website with podcasts about all sorts of adventurey and outdoorsy type stuff. All free and all worth hearing, sometimes truly inspiring. I first heard about them a couple of years ago and have wanted to write for them ever since, so to finally hear my story on there is a big thing for me.

You can listen to it for free just by visiting their page,

There are loads of other good stories on there too, hours of listening for those long car journeys and stuff, download them all and share them around! I particularly like the 'World by Bike' one that is on there at the moment. They are on soundcloud too for those that prefer that, you can go through their whole archive really easily on there -

Please share the link to my story if you like it, the Diaries is run by really lovely people with a great mission and they deserve to get known worldwide!

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