Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gear Reviews - Beal Cocoon Clic Clac Chalk Bag

I would not generally take the time to mention the virtues of a chalk bag, after all we just pick the one that looks cool right? But in the case of this one in particular, I thought it was worth a special mention. 

Beal have developed a new opening system for the Cocoon which I think is great, and it's what sets this one apart from the others.

It's called Clic Clac and consists of two strips of flexible plastic in the lining around the top which allow it to 'pop' open and shut easily with one hand.

This has several advantages -

- The opening is always wide open when in use, allowing snag-free entry of your hand
- If you forget to open it up before starting the pitch, it is quick and easy to do
- On a windy day you can snap it shut between rests without worrying about getting it open again
- If you lean back against something it tends to close itself rather than just empty out everywhere
- It is virtually impossible to pack it into your rucksack without it snapping closed and even less likely to open again once packed so no more loose chalk on your sandwiches
- Because the closure is at right at the top, much less chalk gets wasted when packed away
- There is no loop of string hanging out to get caught on your gear!

My new favourite chalk bag!
The other features are pretty well done too, the toothbrush holder is the first one I have used that actually keeps it in for any length of time, and the attachment for the waist strap allows for using a carabiner or whatever preference you have instead. The texture inside has a nice soft feel without leeching too much chalk, and the build quality feels solid and robust.

Overall I think this is the best designed chalk bag I have ever used and I keep finding myself looking at other ones and seeing them as a bit outdated. Maybe I will find a better design one day, but until then I'm sticking with this one!

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